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Our Respiratory Therapists are all highly credentialed with extensive experience in both adult and pediatric care.  We provide 24 Hour Emergency Service for questions or problems.

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  • Our sleep therapy program has been designed to help you successfully achieve your prescribed therapy goals.  We carry CPAP and Bi-level devices including AVAPS and ASV devices.  Our multiple manufacturers have many different options to be sure we can comfortably meet your unique needs.
  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea affects more than 12 million Americans. Individuals with sleep apnea stop breathing at times during sleep.  A CPAP provides continuous positive airway pressure to help hold open the airway during sleep thus providing a good night sleep.  Your pressure requirement is determined by your doctor’s recommendation based on a sleep study.
  • Untreated, sleep apnea can cause high blood pressure and other cardiovascular disease, memory problems, weight gain, impotency and headaches.  Moreover, untreated sleep apnea may be responsible for job impairment and motor vehicle crashes.  Fortunately, sleep apnea can be diagnosed and treated.  Our therapists will help you find the right product to meet your therapy needs.
  • CPAP Cleaning Tips
  • CPAP Supplies and Follow Up Program
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  • A nebulizer is a device that converts liquid medicine into a fine mist you inhale by breathing through a  mouthpiece or mask.  Once the nebulizer is set up, it can be used while breathing normally.  Most medications are delivered in 5 to 15 minutes.
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  • For care and cleaning, click here
  • Nebulizer PDF on cleaning and care

Enteral Nutrition

  • Essentia Health – Medical Equipment & Supplies can help you meet all of your nutrition goals with a wide range of supplies, whether you are looking for a formula to help your new baby row, meal replacements when you don’t feel like eating or tube feeding formula and supplies.
  • Oral nutritional supplements are often beverages that are taken by mouth to help you meet your daily nutritional goals.  These products may be needed for a brief amount of time such as after surgery or for a longer period of time such as aiding with weight gain.  Oral nutritional supplements are specially formulated to help you meet your calorie, protein and vitamin needs when you are unable to take enough food in.  These products may be drank individually, added to food to enhance nutritional intake or used in recipes to make high calorie beverages.
  • See enteral nutrition products



  • Trilogy100 makes invasive and noninvasive home ventilation less complicated with a simplified user interface and Respironics' proven Bipap technology for greater versatility. Its lightweight design and internal and detachable batteries make portability easier for patients on the go.
  • Astral 150 life support ventilators offer the best battery-to-weight ratio on the market with an eight-hour internal battery and a weight of only 3.2 kilograms. Two optional eight-hour external batteries provide a total run-time of 24 hours. With this expanded mobility, chronically ill adult and pediatric patients who would otherwise be hospitalized may be safely treated away from the hospital for a more enriched life. Less time in the hospital can also mean a reduction in the cost of care.
  • Our Ventilator services are seamless from hospital to home setting. Our therapist becomes involved before time of discharge, at the patient care conferences, to assure patient and family or staff needs will be met once home. The patient is placed on our Ventilator equipment before discharge to assure a smooth transition to home.  The Respiratory Department staff service the staff with all equipment needs in the home, and follow-up is done monthly by a Respiratory therapist.

Home Oxygen

We make oxygen easy and convenient.  We have many options to help meet your oxygen needs in a way that suits your lifestyle.  From a portable concentrator that is airline approved to a system that fills your own tanks at home, we will set you up with the oxygen system you need.

The room air we breathe contains 21% oxygen.  Some people with certain lung or heart conditions require a higher percentage of oxygen in order to maintain their blood oxygen saturation levels.  Supplemental oxygen can be provided at home with an oxygen concentrator and oxygen tanks.

Oxygen must be prescribed by a doctor.  The prescription must have 3 parts:  flow rate in liters per minute, method of administration (cannula, mask, etc) and amount of time to use oxygen daily.  For example:  oxygen 2 lpm via nasal cannula continuous.

If oxygen is ordered non-continuously or “as needed” the prescription must include an indication for when to use it.  For example: oxygen 2 lpm via nasal cannula as needed for exertion.

Insurance coverage generally requires a room air oxygen saturation level of 88% or less at rest.  It can also be tested with activity.  If the level decreases during activity, oxygen should be applied and the patient retested with oxygen on to determine the correct liters per minute.

Standard home equipment includes a “stationary” source – an oxygen concentrator and a “portable” source – oxygen tanks or a portable concentrator.

A Respiratory Therapist will review the following home equipment options with you and your provider to determine the best choice for your life style and level of activity:

Oxygen Concentrator

This is a standard home stationary source.  It is used when you are sleeping and thought the day when you are at home.  It runs on AC power and allows flow rates from 1-10 lpm continuous.  A large back up oxygen tank is provided in case of power outages.

  • Link to Oxygen Concentrator in Store

Home Fill Station

The home fill station is a device that enables patients to refill their own tanks for portable use.  It is used in conjunction with a stationary concentrator.  The tanks use a pulse dose technology to extend the duration of the tanks.  The tanks are available in 5 sizes and come with an easy to use carrying bag.  The pulse dose conserving levels range from 1-6 lpm with a continuous option of 2 lpm.  The fill device runs off of AC power only.

  • Link to Home Fill Station in Store

Portable Oxygen Concentrator

The portable oxygen concentrator runs on rechargeable batteries.  This is also used in conjunction with a stationary concentrator.  It is a good choice for the very active patient.  The internal battery enables up to 3 to 3.5 hours of use between recharges.  When more time is needed away from home, an additional battery for extended activity is available.  The unit can be plugged in and recharged on an AC power source or off of a vehicles DC power source.  This portable oxygen concentrator offers 5 pulse dose setting options in the conserving mode ONLY, Continuous flow is not available.  It is FAA  approved for on-board, in-flight use and ultra-lightweight at 6.2 pounds.

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Portable/Stationary Concentrator

This concentrator acts as both a stationary and portable unit.  It may be best for very active patients with high flow needs.  It is usually the best option for patients that are frequently away from home over night or seasonally.  It offers pulse dose settings from 1-6 lpm with a 7-9 lpm range avaialbe for larger breath requirements.  Also, a continuous flow option of up to 3 lpm is available.  It is FAA approved for on-board, in-flight use and weighs 15 pounds.  As a current oxygen patient, you can check out this portable concentrator free of charge to meet your occasional overnight needs.  We request you call ahead to reserve one.  A refundable deposit is required to cover any damages.

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